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Control Battery Drain on Your Android Gadgets with LeanDroid [App]

Battery drain is one of the most bothering problems with all portable digital gadgets. Due to their multi-usability, large displays and compact form, our smartphone & tablet devices often fall short when it arrives to yield satisfactory battery backup in all day long use.
Our Android devices come loaded with lots of features, impressive screens, powerful processors and great multimedia system and gaming features. But we are forced to limit our activities to certain essential things, especially in outdoor use. Despite of wonderful technological improvements in various sections, our smartphone OEMs have unsuccessful so far to give use really lasting batteries that makes it possible for the liberty to use our device without ever bothering about battery drain.
Because we do n’t have any option, most of us have to carry an extra battery or depend on a 2nd phone to enjoy our phone devoid of worrying about battery. And those who never like to keep an extra battery, look for some great battery management app to control battery consumption so that it lasts longer.

Lean Droid

Thankfully, Android is blessed with talented developers who keep providing us custom ROMs, mods and useful apps to help us enjoy improved battery life. In the earlier, we reviewed various battery saver  or power management apps and today we uncovered another awesome app that help you put a check on battery drain.
We tested LeanDroid app on a number of Android gadgets including the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 3, Google Nexus 5 and HTC One M8. The app worked well on all. LeanDroid app is compatible with all Android smartphones & tablets running Android 2.2 and up. If you think that your device devours up the precious battery juice rapidly, you can give this app a try out and it won’t dissatisfy you.

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