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Download And Install Google Keyboard With Material Design

Google Keyboard 4.0

There’s a new version of the Google Keyboard app rolling out for Android devices this month. As you might expect, it offers about the Material Design look and feel that’s located in Android 5.0 Lollipop and quite popular Google apps. And, because Google is so great, we get two versions of the keyboard to play it: Material Light & Material Dark.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that purely updating the app to the latest release isn’t all that’s essential to get the new look. Here’s a quick and smart way to get your Google Keyboard to feature the Material Design looks.
Download Google Keyboard: Link

How to enable Google Keyboard:

Step 1: Open Settings
Step 2: Navigate to Language and input
Step 3: Check the box for Google Keyboard to enable the new keyboard
Step 4: Tap the settings icon on the right
Step 5: Tap on Appearance and layout
Step 6: Tap on Theme
Step 7: Select Material Light or Material Dark

Now Enjoy the Material Design Keyboard!

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