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How to Fix Deep Discharge Issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If your phone Galaxy S8‘s battery level is low. It isn’t actively being charged. Then, here I m to tell you the solution that “How fix deep discharge issue- Samsung Galaxy Note 8”.

According to the recent reports, some units of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are unable to charge after being completely discharged at 0%. However, when we look at Galaxy Note 8, we found some cases of deep discharge issue in Samsung Galaxy S8. We have no official fix provided by Samsung. Samsung is investigating and working on deep discharge issue.

Don’t worry, all thanks go to Dr.ketan who is an XDA developer. He is caring for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users and made the solution to it. He developed an app called Deep Discharge Protection Tool as a solution for this. Samsung has the feature of non-removable Li-Ion 3300 mAh battery in Samsung Galaxy Note 8. For 6.3 inches of display size. The battery is doing good with great performance.

how to fix deep discharge issue on samsung galaxy note 8

Deep Discharge Protection Tool:-

Galaxy Note 8 from completely fall into deep discharge condition can be prevented. So if you are thinking, what is deep discharge condition? then we have an answer that answer is simple when your smartphone refuses to boot up and even charge the battery completely dischargee at 0%.

This tool is in the form of an android app and this is a temporary fix for this issue. The next question arises How this app will prevent your phone from deep discharge issue?As your battery drains to  12% it will power off your Galaxy Note 8 automatically.

Download Deep Discharge Protection Tool: Link

The best thing is you can change the value from 12% to as you suitable. This app will also give a warning notification and beep sound before powering off your device.

Important Note:-

After downloading and installing the deep discharge protection tool, just configure it as you like. Another thing is if you have installed Greenify or any other ram boosting/clearing app then add deep discharge protection tool app on the whitelist of the Greenify or any other ram boosting app.

Another app Control Battery Drain on Your Android Gadgets with LeanDroid [App] is also helpful for Android smartphones.

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