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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 GPS signal lost Issue

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

If you are having a Galaxy Note 4 and suffering from weak GPS signal or constant signal lost then the issue can be fixed in different ways. Today i am going to share two methods to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 GPS signal lost issue.


Factory reset will delete all the data in your device. So keep a backup of all the important documents first and proceed for factory reset.

Step 1: First go to the app drawer.

Step 2: Find out Settings and select that option.

Step 3: Go down to locate the General tab and just press on it.

Step 4: Choose backup and reset.

Step 5: Now choose factory data reset.

Step 6: Select reset device after going via the warnings.

Step 7: Now select “Delete All” to reset your device.

Step 8: Reboot the phone.

The process is finish. Now you can reset your phone and add the Google account that you used. Now you can get back all your data from there.

Method 2:-

This is another way to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 GPS signal lost issue.

Step 1: First of all, download GPSfix from here.

Step 2: This is a zip file. So unzip the file

Step 3: Now you need to copy the files to corresponding location.

Step 4: The permission of the files should be changed to rw-r-r-

Step 5: Restart your phone after confirming that the owner of the files is root.

This method should solve Galaxy Note 4 GPS signal lost issue.


Before beginning the process you need to create a backup of some important files listed below.

  • /system/lib/hw/
  • /system/lib/hw/
  • /system/lib/
  • /system/lib/
  • /system/lib/
  • /system/etc/gps. Conf

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